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PainShield UK - Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment Pain Relief

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What is the PainShield?

The PainShield™ system is a novel, therapeutic ultrasound product. The PainShield device is a portable, battery powered electronic unit that uses a disposable patch through which it delivers localized energy creating therapeutic effect to treat localized pain and induce soft tissue healing..

Trigeminal neuralgia treatment with Painshield Facial pain relief with Nanovibronix Painshield

An exciting, safe, new, medication + injection free, non-surgical treatment option for Trigeminal Neuralgia using recently FDA approved technology

Patient Testimonial
ED, 61 year old female
Borås, Sweden
Physician Testimonial
Hanania Sharon. Director of Physiotherapy Services, Israel
Painshield Feedback
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Since 1995 I am suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia as a complication from my Multiple Sclerosis. At first the pain was pretty much constant with only short pain free periods. During the years, the pain level..

As the head physiotherapist of one of the top basketball teams in Israel, I'm always looking for new technologies that may help our pro athletes following injuries. When I was introduced to the PainShield..

Painshield :: Interview and painshield demo from Amir of NanoVibronix

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